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Experienced guest-centric approach

At Airshack we have over 15 years experience in design, build, development and restoration. We have a passion for inspiring design with an in-house team of builders and craftsmen to realise our vision.

Each of our properties are designed with the guest in mind. From our one bedroom apartment ‘The Cupboard’ through to our flagship twelve bedroom villa, ‘The Pineapple’. We are proud to repair and reinstate original features, complimenting them with reclaimed materials, natural stone, wood and brick.

Our signature design combines key antique pieces, contemporary styling and exceptional comfort.

We love to travel, too

At Airshack we are passionate travellers and draw upon our experience when designing our spaces. We offer short to mid-term stays, not only appealing to the traditional traveller looking for a luxury break, but also locations, filming/advertising, corporate, creative spaces and relocation.

Our team provide a unique 1-1 host service and are highly knowledgeable about our cool neighbourhoods. We can help personalise your experience with advice and local recommendations

Our vision

As Airshack grows we continue to challenge ourselves with new projects, both bringing old properties back to life with renewed vigour and designing new builds for modern living.

We are extremely proud of what we have achieved and will continue to create remarkable spaces

Advocates for the planet

Energy conscious, we use 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon-neutral gas.